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You Are Not the Exception

Posted by marria55 under Exception
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Neither am I.

I know we’ve written about this before but it’s so important and bears repeating…

You (and I) are not the exception to the rule.

Too often we walk around with the presumption that we are. And it almost always ends up biting us in the butt in the long run. And sadly, takes many of us by surprise? I often wonder why. Human nature? Perhaps. I think it makes us feel better about our choices to think about the best possible most elusive outcome possible and just put blinders on and assume that that is exactly how it will all work out for us. Perfect. No muss no fuss. No drama. We can do what 100 people before us have done and have a completely different and better outcome then any of them had.

Of course, there are rare exceptions to almost every rule. But in general, most rules, most truths, apply to almost all people in all circumstances. That’s hard for most people to believe, accept or understand until they’ve gone through something that proves it to them. And we all do, eventually.

There have been many times lately where we’ve noticed, on our own sites as well as others that great thoughts will be quoted, great ideas will be laid out on the table for discussion only to be met with “Yeah, but…” or “Well, maybe that works for you but…” Read the rest of this entry »